How To Enable USB Debugging Mode On NSP SmartPhone P208

by Editorial Staff

Enable USB Debugging mode on NSP SmartPhone P208

Enable USB debugging mode on your NSP SmartPhone P208
If you are the owner of the NSP SmartPhone P208 and you want to know; how to enable USB debugging on your NSP SmartPhone P208. Here we will guide you how to enable USB debugging mode on your SmartPhone P208. using Developer Options, you can easily customize animations, background processes, USB cable settings, etc.

Quick Steps to enable USB debugging Mode in your NSP SmartPhone P208

Step 01: First of all, go to Settings your NSP SmartPhone P208
Step 02: Now, you will see Settings option >>>> select About phone then choose >>>> Software Information.
Step 03: Now, Scroll down your screen and find the Build Number your NSP SmartPhone P208, now tap the Build number 7 to 10 times until you will see a pop-up message that says "Developer mode has been enabled". (see attached below image)

Step 04: After 10 minutes, you will see a popup message "you are now a developer" on your NSP SmartPhone P208
Step 05: Now, you will see the Developer options menu under Settings via Tap on the Back button.
Step 06: Then, You will click on Developer options. Slide the "Developer Options" button to "On".
Step 07: Then scroll down your phone screen and turn on "USB debugging". You will see the messages "Allow USB Debugging", click the "OK".

Now, you have successfully enabled USB debugging mode on NSP SmartPhone P208.

Note: We are not responsible for any damage to your NSP SmartPhone P208 while doing anything with USB Debugging. You must create a backup of all files and save them in a safe location.

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