Yooz Mypad 701 Unlock Bootloader with Fastboot Method

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Yooz  Mypad 701 Unlock Bootloader with Fastboot Method

Yooz Mypad 701 Unlock Bootloader

On this page, you will learn how to unlock the bootloader on your Yooz Mypad 701. Using the bootloader you can install custom ROM, custom recovery, custom kernel, and flash the factory images, etc. The bootloader will help you to unlock your device legally binding, but it will affect the device warranty. Yooz doesn’t allow you to unlock the bootloader. Mostly Android OEM manufacturers lock the bootloader, if you want to install any CUSTOM ROM, you must need to unlock the bootloader of your Mypad 701. It will void the warranty.

Bootloader Introduction

The Bootloader is a code that always runs when someone power on its device. Some hardware starts automatically and gets the boot process then loads the kernel and ramdisk. That is the Bootloader. It allows you to Root your Yooz Mypad 701, Flash TWRP, and Custom ROM in a simple easy method.

Bootloader Advantages

  • You can install any custom ROM like Lineage OS, Resurrection ROM, etc.
  • You can also root your device.
  • Install a custom recovery like TWRP.

Yooz Mypad 701 Bootloader Disadvantages

  • After unlocking the bootloader, it voids the warranty of your device.
  • You will no longer receive the official OTA updates.
  • You can brick your device if you do not follow the steps carefully.

Common Things

Follow the below steps to unlock the bootloader on Mypad 701

  • First of all, download and extract the latest ADB and fastboot tool in your C:// Drive.
  • Then you need to enable the Developer Options on your Yooz Mypad 701.
  • Now Go to Settings –>> System –>> About Phone and press on Build Number 7 – 8 times until you see a toast message “You are now a developer”.

  • how to enable developer option

  • In this step, now open the developer option and enable the OEM Unlock toggle. See the below image:

  • enable the OEM Unlock toggle

  • Under the Developer Options, you need to enable USB Debugging. See the below image:

  • enable USB Debugging

  • If the command show device is unauthorized on your Yooz Mypad 701. Then, you will see a popup message to allow USB Debugging. Please
  • "Always allow from this computer" and press on the OK button.

  • ABD command window

  • Now connect your phone with a Windows 11 PC using the original Type C USB cable, and install all required drivers on your computer.
  • Once it is connected, open the ADB folder inside the C:/Drive
  • On your ADB Folder, Open the command window / PowerShell: To open Press the Shift key and Right Mouse click anywhere inside the folder. See the below image:

  • ABD command window

  • First of all, please open the window command, now Type the below commands in the CMD, and press Enter;
  • ADB reboot bootloader

  • The next step is; you can enter the bootloader or Fastboot Method mode on your Yooz Mypad 701 device, using the command below.

  • ADB reboot bootloader

  • Now your Mypad 701 is now booting into bootloader mode, if the device is connected properly to Fastboot Method mode, then you need to enter the following command:

  • Fastboot flashing unlock

  • If the above-given command does not work then you can try to use the below command:

  • Fastboot OEM unlock
  • Now, you will get a confirmation message on your phone screen. You need to navigate to yes and hit the Power button to unlock the bootloader. See the below image:

  • ABD command window

  • If you will not get a confirmation message then make sure to download the latest USB Drivers, and follow the above-given steps again.
  • Finally, click on the enter button, and the Yooz Mypad 701 will show you a warning message about the risks of the bootloader unlocking.
  • If you want to unlock the bootloader, then you need to confirm with the Volume Key then enjoy unlocking your Mypad 701 using the bootloader method.
    Your device will produce a factory reset, and once you must reboot. The device will look the same interface just like the out-of-box setup.
  • Once you have done, you can reboot your device using the command:

  • Fastboot reboot

  • That’s It! Finally, reboot your phone and during this, all data will be erased.
  • Using the above-given steps you can unlock the bootloader on your Yooz Mypad 701. You can root your device, and install various MODs, custom ROMs or modify the firmware of your device.

Read Me Once

The Bootloader unlocking process will affect your Yooz Mypad 701 phone data like images, videos, and files. We advise you before start unlocking bootloader you need to create a backup and save it in a safe location.

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